DRE Radiology Starter Kit

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The DRE Radiology Starter Kit is a complete package of X-ray accessories for any modern veterinary practice. Comes standard with a leaded protective apron, thyroid collar, leaded gloves, a storage rack and aluminum calipers.


  • Protective X-ray Apron: Features a two-inch wide adjustable belt to help evenly distribute weight from the shoulders. Offers 0.5mm Lead Equivalency Protection with an open-backed design for a full range of movement.
  • Thyroid Collar: A soft, pliable collar designed for comfort and quick removal. Features a velcro closure and offers 0.5mm Lead Equivalency Protection.
  • Protective X-ray Gloves: Molded-lead gloves covered in durable brown Naugahyde. Supple design allows you to easily pick up smaller objects while still providing 0.5 mm Lead Equivalency Protection. Gloves measure 12 inches long and come in size 9 (fits most).
  • X-ray Apron Rack: Wall-mounted rack designed to hold a protective apron and a pair of protective gloves.
  • Aluminum X-Ray Caliper: Lightweight aluminum caliper calibrated in both inches and centimeters.