HUG-U-VAC Surgical Positioning System

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Veterinary Vacuum Activated Surgical Positioning System - invented by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Lloyd Hiebert, who has over twenty years of positioning experience and intimate interaction with the needs of practicing veterinarians. These positioners were created to provide precise positioning for virtually any type of surgery as well as xray, CT and MRI scan positioning. It maintains body heat during surgery and allows for easy transport back into recovery. Perfect for any Veterinary clinic or hospital.


Secure Veterinary Positioning For:

  • Pre-op Prep - shaving and sterile scrub
  • Surgery - ventral, dorsal or lateral position
  • Post-op Recovery - prevent aspiration
  • Radiological Exams - precise positioning for accurate x-rays
  • Emergency Transport
  • Newborn Care - positioning and head conservation

The HUG-U-VAC Advantage:

  • Designed for office, hospital and field use
  • Conforms gently to body contours
  • Pressure sore prevention
  • Body heat conservation
  • Emergency fracture stabilization
  • Secure head and neck support
  • X-ray lucent
  • Easily cleaned

The HUG-U-VAC System:

  • Five different sizes - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo
  • Manual vacuum pump with vacuum hose
  • Storage/Transport nylon duffel bag
  • Limb restraint straps
  • Patch Kit

The HUG-U-VAC System is available in five different sizes: Each individual unit comes with four restraint straps.

  • Small: 16" x 24" - Puppies, Kittens
  • Medium: 20" x 30" - Cats, Small Dogs
  • Large: 24" x 36" - Medium & Large Dogs, Goats, Sheep
  • Extra Large: 30" x 45" - Large Dogs, Goats, Sheep
  • Jumbo: 36" x 54" - Large Animals, Alpacas, Llamas, Foals, Mini Horses
  • HUG-U-VAC Set Includes: Five HUG-U-VAC Positioners, One HUG-U-VAC Head Positioner, One HUG-U-VAC Manual Vacuum Pump & Hose, One Storage/Transport Nylon Duffel Bag, Twenty (20) Limb Restraints, and One Patch Kit. Free Instructional Video with each set. SAVE $$ by purchasing a set.

Durability of the HUG-U-VAC External Shell: The HUG-U-VAC is externalized by an airtight and waterproof polyvinyl chloride shell containing polystyrene beads. The material has superior flexing qualities and therefore when evacuated the HUG-U-VAC has a spring-like action to maintain the patient solidly in the lateral position. The material is very smooth making it easy to clean with a germicidal spray.

Evacuation Valve: High quality evacuation valve provides quick, positive on-off control of air flow. Thumb latch controls spring loaded dual coupling evacuation valve.

Manual HUG-U-VAC Vacuum Pump: The custom engineered manual vacuum pump made of aluminum and resilient black derlin assures long life and weather resistance. *Option - Operating room inline suction can be used as an alternative to the HUG-U-VAC Vacuum pump.

  • Stroke volume - 41 cubic in. per stroke.
  • Vacuum - 15 in. Hg with 20 lbs pulling force.

Vacuum Hose:(Hose attached to pump)

  • Clear PVC braided vacuum hose
  • Non-toxic
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • Maximum working pressure at 70 degrees F. 200 - psi
  • Design burst pressure at 70 degrees F. 800 - psi

The Versatile Head Positioner For Veterinary Challenges

Precise Head Positioning For:

  • Any size head
  • Microscopic surgery
  • Radiological exams of the head and neck
  • Surgery in the ventral, dorsal or lateral position

Secure Head Positioning For:

  • Eye Surgery
  • Neuro Surgery
  • Dental Surgery
  • Cranio-Facial Surgery

The Head Positioner Advantage

  • Conforms to the contours of the head and neck
  • Prevents pressure sores
  • X-ray lucent
  • Does not impede cervical venous outflow (improved homeostasis)
  • Easily Cleaned

Instructions: Please read in the Specifications section.


Specifications on the polyvinyl chloride external shell:

  • Manufactured by the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride world wide.
  • Thickness 0.024 inches (0.24 gauge) - ASTM D-751
  • Elongation change after 14 days at 150 degrees F - Less than 10% - ASTM D-882
  • Breaking strength factor - 44 lbs/inch - ASTM D-882
  • Tensile change after 14 days at 150 degrees F - Less than 10% - ASTM D-882
  • Dimensional stability - 5% Max - ASTm D-1204
  • Mildew Resistant - ATCC No. 6275
  • Bacteria Resistance - ATCC No. 6538, 4352
  • Hydrostatic Resistance - 75 psi - ASTM D-751
  • Puncture Resistance - 34.3 lbs.
  • Fire Resistant

Instructions for use:

Choice of Positioner: Of the five different sizes, choose the appropriate sized HUG-U-VAC that provides secure support to the hips, trunk, head, and neck.?The ends of the HUG-U-VAC should extend several inches beyond the cephalad and caudad portions of the animal.

Preparing the HUG-U-VAC for positioning: Lay the HUG-U-VAC on a flat surface. Spread out the beads throughout the HUG-U-VAC as evenly as possible.

Positioning the animal: Place the sedated or anesthetized animal in the longitudinal center of the HUG-U-VAC. (The HUG-U-VAC system is not a restraint system for struggling uncontrolled animals.) Animals may be positioned in the ventral, dorsal or lateral position. Make certain that the head and neck are in the neutral position. When the desired position is acheived fold up the sides of the HUG-U-VAC to snugly approximate the animal\'s body contours. Take care not to impinge on teh surgical field.

Vacuum activation of the HUG-U-VAC: While an assistant snugly approximates the sides of the HUG-U-VAC to the contours of the animal apply the vacuum in the following manner. Push the two couplings of the evacuation together until an audible click is heard and until the red indicator ring is not visible. Connect the hose from the manual HUG-U-VAC vacuum pump to the barbed end of the evacuation valve to evacuate the air from the HUG-U-VAC. Evacuate sufficiently to make the HUG-U-VAC firm to provide secure support to the animal. When satisfied with the achieved support, press the metal thumb latch to close the evacuation valve. Then detach the vacuum hose from the barbed end of the evacuation valve. The HUG-U-VAC will then maintain its rigid shape. Control the limbs by securing them with the cam buckle restraint straps at each corner. Upon completion of use, push the two couplings of the valve together until an audible click is heard to open valve. Air is reintroduced to attain flaccidity of the HUG-U-VAC. The animal can then be removed from the HUG-U-VAC. The HUG-U-VAC can be cleaned with a germicidal spray as needed.