• Introducing the DRE Avanti Plus Infusion Pump

    DRE Veterinary is proud to introduce the new DRE Avanti Plus infusion pump.  This infusion pump is designed to offer reliable and high quality performance for any budget.

    The Avanti Plus stands out from other infusions pumps with its multiple features and dependability.

    The Avanti Plus is a volumetric infusion pump that uses a microcontroller for accurate control of infusion rate and volume. This small and lightweight pump features optional heat function modes, internal battery power supply, and five level occlusion detector sensitivity.  Other features include two integrated ultra-sound bubble sensors, auto-controlled multiple KVO function, five different infusion settings, and a large LCD color screen for easy operation.

    Contact a member of the DRE team at 1-800-979-6795 or visit the DRE website today for more information on this product.

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