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WarmAir FilteredFlo Veterinary Blanket: Box of 10

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These blankets are currently on back order. We have a non-metallic blanket available. Box of 10: 56” x 40” in size. Please contact a DRE Veterinary Sales Representative for further details, ordering and other substitutions.”

The WarmAir FilteredFlo Veterinary Blanket is specifically designed for Veterinary use. This blanket fits perfectly in a small animal cage (40" x 30"). Use it for pre, during, and post surgical procedures to help aid the animal for an easier recovery. Its upper metallic cover repels most fluids and allows you to wipe off any excess fluids of the sort.

The WarmAir blanket is compatible with most popular Veterinary Convection Warming Systems such as the Bair Hugger and WarmTouch 5200 and 5300. An adaptor that fits to the end of the warmer hose is available for the WarmTouch 5200 and 5300.

  • Sold in a box of 10.
  • Each blanket is individually wrapped in plastic bag
  • Each blanket intended for multiple use
  • These veterinary blankets are priced as an online special


Size: 40" x 30" | 101.6cm x 76.2cm