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Pannomed EPT Veterinary Critical Care Table

This item is no longer available

Please call (800) 979-6795 to request an alternative.


The Pannomed EPT veterinary surgery table is marketed exclusively in the U.S. by DRE.

The table has fully electric controls that allow for height adjustment from 12” up to 39". This is great for veterinarians who would like to securely transfer large animals from the floor to counter-height. The EPT offers castors for transport and a tilting tray for a monitor.


  • Battery Operated
  • Height Adjustable From 12” to 39”
  • Hand control for height adjustment
  • Synthetic Plate Top Measures 51” by 23”
  • Scratch Proof/Cold temperature Resistant Top
  • Lockable Steering Wheel
  • Tilting Tray for Monitor
  • Optional Patient Loading Ramp (made of aluminum)
  • Patient Restraint Belts & Tarps