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Mobile X-Ray Table

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This integrated mobile veterinary x-ray examination table provides x-ray capabilities in examination rooms and surgery suites with easy and accurate positioning ensuring consistent, quality results.

This table can be used for x-rays in exam rooms, then wheeled directly into a surgery suite or any other room in your facility. It offers simple and accurate positioning with less patient movement, ensuring consistent, repeatable and high quality images. The table features six-way positioning of the x-ray tube (left, right, up, down, forward, back, rotate and angulate).

Additional Accessory Options

  • 18" x 18" 6:1 ratio, 103 line grid
  • table pad with securing straps
  • two-stage foot switch with 20' cord for x-ray generator
  • table top tie down positioning aid
  • quick squeeze positioning aid


  • assembled with removable DR flat panel
  • polycarbonate, semi-transparent tabletop with center line
  • table is standard with fixed top 36", 48", 56" x 28" available dimensions
  • handlebars with portable x-ray unit quick mount assembly
  • auto centering cassette tray
  • x-ray beam travel movements: transverse, vertical, lateral, oblique, angulations, rotation
  • horizontal travel simultaneous with cassette cabinet movement
  • grid shift control lever for cassette split view imaging capability
  • table top size: 56" x 24" x 30" - Uro Track Top Design
  • adjustable vertical height SID 26"-36"
  • table shelf 55" x 23"
  • 250 lb. patient weight capacity