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DRE Versailles P100 Surgery Table

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The complete multi-functional mobile operating room table.

Our battery powered operating room table is more mobile than most stretchers or surgical tables and is a total solution for hospitals and surgery centers. This multi-function table can replace several devices at once to create an extreme value.


  • Four remote-activated powered functions
  • Traversing patient platform
  • Full C-arm coverage
  • Superior surgical access
  • Lateral tilt
  • Excellent stability
  • 550-lb. (250 kg) weight limit

Transport and Recovery

  • Cotsides fitted for patient comfort and safety
  • Unique retractable steering mechanism engaged for maximum maneuverability


  • Patient platform traversed head end for access
  • Ophthalmic head section fitted

C-arm access

  • Traversing top allows for full C-arm access

Gynecology features

  • Patient platform traversed to foot end for access
  • Leg section removed for access
  • Head section removed for anesthesia access
  • Fitted with optional powered leg supports

Shoulder Arthroscopy features

  • Patient platform traversed foot end for access
  • Optional arthroscopy backrest fitted