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Datex Ohmeda Capnomac Ultima CO2 Monitor

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  • CO2, O2, 5-agent with ID
  • Monitors anesthetic agents, ventilation and oxygen flow.
  • The measurement range suits pediatrics and adults equally well.
  • Reliable and accurate measurement


  • Dimension: 13.4" D x 8.4" H x 13" W (340 x 212 x 330 mm)
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg)
  • Power Requirements: 100/115/220/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 100W
  • Respiration Rate: Range: 4-60 bpm. Detection criterion: 1% variation in CO2 baseline. Updated breath-by-breath
  • Alarms: Adjustable high and low limits for EtCO2, FiO2, anesthetic agent, respiratory rate, SpO2 and pulse rate. Adjustable alarm for CO2 re-breathing level and PEEP. Non-adjustable for FiN20>82%, FiO2<18%, apnea, detection of unselected agent, agent mixtures, occlusion, air leak, no probe and probe off.
  • Trends: Graphic trends (0.5 h, 2 h, 12 h) for CO2, O2 or O2 difference, N2O, anesthetic agent respiration rate, MAC or balance gas, SpO2, Pleth amplitude, pulse rate, peak and plateau pressure, PEEP, expiratory minute, volume, compliance. Numeric trends (max 12 h) for CO2, O2, N2O, anesthetic agent, SpO2, pulse rate, peak pressure, PEEP, expiratory tidal and minute volumes, compliance.
  • Parameters:
    - CO2: 0-10% Range; <360 ms Rise Time; 0.2 vol %, 1.5 mmHg Accuracy
    - O2: 0-100% Range; <480 ms Rise Time; 2 vol % Accuracy
    - N2O: 0-100% Range; <360 ms Rise Time; 2 vol % Accuracy
    - Anesthetic Agent: 0-5% Range (Desflurane 0-18%, Sevoflurane 0-8%); <520 ms Rise Time; 0.2 vol % Accuracy
    - SpO2: 40-100% Range; 2% (80-100%) Accuracy