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Anesthesia Gas Module

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The Anesthesia Gas Module provides valuable information on patient conditions and for anesthesia system management and ventilation.

The sidestream module is a great solution for monitoring anesthesia in procedures that involve infants and adults. The plug-in Anesthesia Gas Module expands measurement capabilities for DRE Waveline monitors and upgrades the Waveline Touch into a fully-featured O.R. Monitor. It also adds Automatic Agent ID to the Waveline Pro. For the accurate and continuous measurement of Automatic Agent ID, Anesthetic Agent Concentrations (HAL, ENF, ISO, SEV, DES), CO2, O2, N2O, MAC and Respiratory Rate.


  • 50 mL/min sampling flow.
  • Ultra-fast rise time.
  • Up to 150 bpm respiratory rate.
  • Low system integration complexity.
  • Micropower operation.
  • RS232 or USB interface.
  • Intelligent light-emitting gas inlet.
  • Interfaces with a paramagnetic or galvanic oxygen sensor.
  • Integrated flow controller and a micro pump.
  • 50 mL/min sampling flow for all applications



Weight: 400 g (cable excluded)

Size: 49 x 90 x 100 mm (3.3 x 5.6 x 1.6 inches)

Operating temperature: 5 to 50 C (41 to 122 F)

Storage: -40 to 70 C (-40 to 158 F)

Humidity: 10 - 95 %, non-condensing

Atm. pres.: 525 - 1200 hPa (4,572 m)

Gas Analyzer

Calibration: No routine calibration is required. An automatic zero reference calibration is performed once every startup and once every 8 hours.

Compensation: Pressure, temperature and broadening effects on CO2.

Warm-up time: 20 seconds.

Patient connections

IRMA Airway adapter: Adult/Pediatric: 6 mL dead space

IRMA Airway adapter Infant: 1 mL dead space

Nomoline: Sampling line with luer lock co

During standard conditions:

CO2: Range0-15 vol%; Accuracy: (0.2 vol% + 2 % of reading)

N2O: Range 0-100 vol%; Accuracy: (2 vol% + 2 % of reading)

HAL, ISO, ENF: Range 0-8 vol%; Accuracy: (0.15 vol% + 5 % of reading)

SEV: Range 0-10 vol%; Accuracy: (0.15 vol% + 5 % of reading)

DES: Range 0-22 vol%; Accuracy: (0.15 vol% + 5 % of reading)

O2 Range0-100 vol%; Accuracy: (1 vol% + 2 % of reading)

Rise time: ≤ 250 ms, N2O, Agents ≤ 350 ms, O2 ≤ 450 ms

Total system response time: < 3 seconds

Breath detect: Adaptive threshold, minimum 1 vol% CO2 change

Respiratory rate: 0 - 150 bpm 1 bpm

Certifications: CE marked according to the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive