Drager AVE Anesthesia Ventilator

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The Drager AVE ventilator is fully integrated into the Drager anesthesia machines. The Ventilator is a volume preset, time-cycled ventilator that features solid state timing, pneumatic circuitry, independent controls, and ease of operation and cleaning. The unit acts as a controller of respiratory rate. The Inspiratory/Expiratory phast time ratio is variable, in steps from 1:1 to 1:4.5.

Available in refurbished Drager Anesthesia Machines - or - occassionally as a used part for third party repair. DRE offers these units refurbished.


Electrical Power Supply:

  • Primary: 120 V.A.C.
  • Secondary: 5.0 V.D.C. (Output is short circuit protected, current limited to 250 mA).

Gas Connection:

  • Oxygen 40-60 PSIG (Air Optional)


  • On-Off Switch: Coupled to control electric power and gas input to unit.
  • Tidal Volume: Adjustabl as indicated in milliliter markings, on the bellows chamber.
  • Frequency Control: Variable from zero (0) to ninety-nine (99) breaths per minute (BPM) in one BPM increments.
  • Flow Control: Continuously variable within the minimum and maximum values indicated on the FLOW gauge.