Samsung H60 Ultrasound System

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The Samsung H60 is a high-performance ultrasound system designed for a wide range of speciality applications. For more information, contact a DRE representative today.


  • Ideal for multiple specialties: Abdominal, OB, GYN, Cardiology, Vascular, Small Parts, MSK, TCD, Urology, and Pediatrics.
  • Imaging modes: 2D, Color, PD, S-Flow, PW, CW, M Mode, Anatomical M-Mode, TDI/TDW, Harmonic Imaging, Pulse Inversion Harmonics, ClearVision™ (SDMR), QuickScan, Beam Steer, Single/Dual/Quad Display Modes, Read/Write/Panning Zoom.
  • Cine: Max 4500 Frames, 60 sec.
  • Depth range: 2 - 38 cm depending on the probes.
  • Maximum frame rate: 2273fps (Hz), depending on the type of probe used.
  • Four active probe ports, eight USB 2.0 ports.
  • DICOM 3.0, DICOM Store, Print, Worklist, SR, NPP, SC.
  • Comes standard with CD/DVD+R/RW, USB Flash, External USB HDD, Digital printer.
  • Compact size with 18.5-inch wide HD LED Monitor, four swivel wheels.
  • High resolution LED touchscreen measures 10.1 inches.
  • Adjustable control panel swivels +/- 30 degrees.
  • Articulated monitor arm swivels +/- 110 degrees.
  • User-friendly design incorporates trackball, backlit interactive hard keys, gel warmer and foot switch.
  • Image storage: Integrated HDD .5 TB.

Advanced Imaging Modes (Optional Features)

3D, 4D, 3DXI™, XI STIC, Volume NT/IT, Auto IMT, Cardiac Measurements, CW, ECG, ElastoScan, MultiVision, Panoramic, DICOM, e-Motion Marker™, Needle Mate



  • Height: 50 in
  • Width: 21.5 in
  • Depth: 35 in
  • Weight: 230 lb
  • Boot up: 112 sec
  • Channels: 128; Processing Channels: 215,040