DRE N3000 Portable Color Doppler Veterinary Ultrasound System

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The DRE N3000 is a hand-carried color doppler veterinary ultrasound system that allows veterinarians to diagnose anywhere and anytime with confidence.


  • Professional measurement and calculation packages
  • Specialized veterinary exam modes, body marks
  • Intuitive layout clusters 95% of most-used keys around trackball
  • One-touch design decreases at least 70% of operation time and increases diagnostic efficiency


  • 15” high-resolution color LCD monitor.
  • One probe connector which can be expand to 3 connectors by the probe expansion module.
  • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging), and second digital THI function
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging) function
  • Frequency compound imaging: adjustable under 2D and M modes
  • Space compound imaging: adjustable under 2D and M modes with more than 3 levels.