Reusable Collection Bottle Assemblies

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Collection Bottle Assemblies, for collection of aspirants, incorporate a positive shut-off cap and float assembly that interrupts suction to help prevent fluid carryover into the regulator or central vacuum system.


  • Collection Bottles are available in glass or polycarbonate.
  • They are manufactured especially for vacuum service with careful attention to maintenance of uniform thickness for maximum protection against implosion.
  • The cap and float assembly includes a patient port inlet that is horizontal to help prevent kinking of suction tubing, a vacuum port that is fitted with a vacuum DISS swivel nut fitting (CGA 1220), and an adjustment nut to allow suspension from the wall using proper accessories.
  • All Collection Bottle Assemblies allow visual inspection of fluid level, color and consistency, and can be steam autoclaved or gas sterilized.
  • Polycarbonate bottles offer the additional advantage of eliminating breakage.


Come in either Glass or Polycarbonate

  • Sizes: Gallon, 1/2 Gallon, Quart, Pint
  • Sold in Bottle only or Bottle and Lid Assembly