DRE Marine Platform Scales: Multiple Models

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DRE Veterinary carries two models of Marine and Zoological Platform Scales. One model comes with a built-in display, while the other is equipped with a remote display. Both platform models are salt and fresh water safe.

Many users will have to weigh the animal by walking it up to the scale or weigh them by placing the cage on top. As seen in the image above, these scales enhance husbandry training by allowing animals, such as dolphins, to be weighed using an easily trained beaching behavior. One nice feature with these scales are that they come equipped with edge anchors preventing the platform from moving when a beaching method is used. No need to worry, the platform is applicable for both fresh and salt water. In addition, these scales are usually placed poolside or in the animals den for ease of use.

Warranty: 2 years

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Specifications for both models:

  • Maximum capacity: 1,000 lb | 454 kg
  • Division: 0.1 lb | 0.1 kg
  • Load cells: Four to ensure accuracy
  • Accuracy: 0.2% 1 digit of displayed resolution for calibrated range