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Medical Gas

Veterinary Medical Gas Systems Creation, Design & Consulting

DRE's Animal Health Division has the information, knowledge, and products to create, design or consult on layout of new clinics - or fitting an efficient Medical Gas System into current facilities. Our Animal Health Division can help ensure that your clinic's design allows for an economical gas system. Gas Manifolds allow multiple oxygen tanks to be coupled together as a system. The oxygen tanks are then regulated and controlled for high and low pressure limits. A visual alarm signals when pressure limits are exceeded. These gas wall outlets are installed in strategic areas to create efficient access. Each gas outlet is color coded and has a uniquely sized fitting to avoid inappropriate gas usage. The outlets can be recessed into the wall and finished attractively or hung as ceiling pendants. The standard gas outlets are oxygen, nitrous, medical air and vacuum.

Medical Gas Pipeline Products

DRE Veterinary is committed to providing quality and customer satisfaction with all of our medical gas pipeline products. Frontall medical gas outlets and risers are the most technically advanced means of providing medical gas connections to the medical gas piping systems. These outlets have a patented front-loaded feature that makes it easy to service, saving you time and money. Our medical gas outlet conversion kits, medical gas alarm conversion kits and nitrogen control panel conversion kits make it easy to upgrade while saving money. The Genesys manifold system is the industry’s most reliable manifold system with the following features: transducers, 400 psig pressure differential rated solenoid valves and 2D layouts with union fittings. The T-Net™ Medical Gas information management system allows you to check the status of your medical gas alarm and manifold network from a PC. You have the ability to 'click' on an individual alarm panel or manifold just as if you were standing directly in front of it. To learn more about our Medical Gas Systems view our Sales Sheet.