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Amsco Quantum SQ-240 Surgical Lights

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The Amsco Quantum SQ-240 surgical light combines the flexibility and positioning ease of a small diameter lighthead with the superb optical performance of a large diameter lighthead.

The SQ-240 O.R. lights are high-powered and easy to maneuver. These surgical lights have been designed for every size and type of surgical procedure. A self-contained wall-mount intensity controller is a standard feature with every set of refurbished lights. Sterilizable handles are optional.


  • Depth of Field: 26 inches
  • Cylinder of Light:18 inches
  • Head size: 24 inches
  • Peak Intensity: 18 inches
  • Intensity Levels: Up to 12,000 footcandles or 129,170 lux.
  • Cool Illumination: Optical coatings remove 98% of all unwanted heat.
  • Color Correction: Up to 4200 degrees Kelvin
  • Color Rendering Index:92
  • Continuous Rotation: 360 degrees at all critical joints
  • Lateral Illumination: 90 degrees
  • Continuous Light:If a lamp fails, automatically changes to spare lamp
  • Lamp Life:~1,000 hours typical; 2,000 on setting 3