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Amsco Polaris O.R. Lights

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The Polaris OR Lighting System provides the light you need for demanding and complex surgical procedures. It can be installed on any ceiling in minimal space - including rooms with forced air circulation.

The fixture includes a central hub and your choice of one or two 22-inch (599 mm) diameter lighthead/suspension arm assemblies. Each assembly is suspended from a horizontal arm that rotates around the central hub. Horizontal arms may be either 24 or 36 inches (610 or 914 mm) long, depending on the length you need.


  • Light head design prevents direct glare and disposes of 98% of its generated heat.
  • Provides cool, shadow-reduced, of color corrected light appropriate for surgical procedures.
  • Can be installed on any ceiling in minimal space including rooms with forced air circulation.
  • Each set of Polaris lights come with wall-mounted variable intensity control.
  • Light fixture moves freely, smoothly and quietly throughout its range of maneuverability without drifting when positioned at any point.
  • Sterilizable handles are optional.

DRE sells the Polaris O.R. lights refurbished.

Product Options


  • Intensity at 38 inches (4-inch pattern): 9,000 Foot Candles
  • Light head Diameter: 22 inches
  • Color Temperature: 4400 Kelvin
  • Pattern Sizes at 38 inches: Variable 4, 6 or 8 inches
  • Focus/Depth of Field: Standard patterns and intensities are obtained at a distance of 38" from the surgical field. Depth of field is a minimum of 29" for all pattern sizes.
  • Average Life of Tungsten-Halogen Lamp: 1000 hours

Beam Intensity:

  • Pattern Control Setting (watts) Intensity Footcandles (Lumens/m)
    • Small 235 6000 (64,584)
    • Medium 235 4500 (48,438)
    • Large 235 3000 (32,292)


  • NFPA's Flammable Anesthetics Code
  • NFPA's National Electric Code
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listing
  • California Seismic design compliance
  • FDA Medical Device Amendments to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act