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Berchtold Chromophare D 300 Mobile Exam Light

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The Berchtold Chromophare D 300 Exam Light is a bright, focused and shadow free exam light. 


  • A highly efficient double-optical, mirrored polygon reflector returns 98% of original illumination to the site.
  • Refocusing is unnecessary when changing table height as brighter, clearer light creates a working site with a depth of field (L1+L2) of 130 cm.
  • At 4500 K, the patented CHROMOPHARE double filter color-correction system casts a neutral white light on the surgical field for accurate color rendition and tissue differentiation.


Color temperature: 4500 K

Intensity: 50,000 lux

Color rendering index: 88

Light field diameter: 140 mm

Depth of illumination L1 + L2 (According to IEC 601-2-41/2): 130 cm

Radiant energy: 4 mW/m2lx

12 V / 50 W Halogen Bulb

Lifetime of bulb: 1000 h