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DRE Avanti Plus Infusion Pump

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Lightweight, reliable and accurate

The DRE Avanti Plus is a volumetric infusion pump that uses a microcontroller for accurate control of infusion rate and volume. This small and lightweight pump features optional heat function modes, internal battery power supply, and five level occlusion detector sensitivity.


  • Large LCD color screen, all data synchronized displayed, easy to operate.
  • Long-life, accurate control.
  • Two integrated ultra-sound bubble sensors, accurate and reliable.
  • High quality occlusion detector, accurate and reliable.
  • Auto-controlled multiple KVO function, keep vein open efficiently.
  • Infusion rate can be displayed by "mL/h" or "drop/min", flexible.
  • 5 type of infusion sets can be applied, diverse and flexible.
  • Solid appearance design, easy to clean and sterilize.
  • Waterproof level: IPX1.
  • Heat function, 3 settings.



  • Overall size: 9.5 in H x 7 in D x 6.5 in W
  • Weight: 2.4Kg
  • Display screen: colorful LCD screen


  • Power consumption: ≤30VA
  • Electrical standard: Class I
  • Electrical type: Type BF
  • Main power: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Battery Capability: Ni-MH battery 9.6V. Infusion Pump can run under intermittent rate (25mL/h) longer than 4 hours (at 20°C)


  • Patient type: Adult, Pediatric and neonata
  • Flow rate setting range: 1mL/h~1300mL/h, minimum step: 1ml/h
  • Maximum preset volume range: 1mL~9999 mL
  • Maximum accumulated infusion volume display value range: 1mL 9999 mL
  • Accuracy of the set delivery rate: 5% over 4 hours with specified infusion sets(users buy it themselves with manufacturer authorized type).
  • Bolus rate: 600 mL/h, 700 mL/h, 800 mL/h, 900 mL/h, 1000 mL/h, be selectable if the situation requires.
  • Air sensor sensitivity: ≥0.015mL
  • Occlusion detector sensitivity: Adjustable in 5 levels - 0.04Mpa~0.015Mpa±30%
  • Heat function modes: 3 options: Auto, On, Off
  • Heat temperature on the spring board: 30±5°C

KVO Rate

  • 1mL/h ≤ flow rate ≤ 5mL/h, when finish infusion process, the IP300 stop running and comes back to the standby mode.
  • 5mL/h ≤ flow rate ≤ 50mL/h, KVO rate is 1mL/h.
  • 50 ≤ flow rate ≤ 300 mL/h, KVO rate is 3mL/h.
  • 300 ≤ flow rate ≤ 1300 mL/h, KVO rate is 5mL/h.


  • Alarms: Internal Fault, Low Battery voltage, AC Failure, Door Open, Occlusion, Air in-line, empty, Heat malfunction, Interruption of the AC power supply.