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Haico Surgery 2 Equine Operating Table

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The Haico Surgery 2 Equine Operating Table’s superior features make it one of the most used equine tables worldwide. The table’s steel construction is durable and specially designed for equine use up to 2,850 pounds.

Load and position the animal with the Haico’s adjustable height feature. The table can be lowered down to 12 inches, the raised all the way to 44 inches, allowing the staff to work comfortably. Once the table is loaded, clinicians can use the velcro binding straps and the hydraulic head and side supports for secure positioning. The Haico 2 also features longitudinal tilt, which, combined with the table’s side panel design, allows clinicians good access to the operative field.

The Haico Surgery 2 is just one unit within the Haico family of equine operating tables. For more advanced features, see the Haico Pro 3.


  • Two-inch padding with unique, protective surface coating for quick and easy cleanup.
  • All elements of the table are fully shielded against dust and water, allowing clinicians to power was the unit between procedures.
  • Powerful, quality steel construction designed for years of use.
  • Longitudinal tilt up to ± 20 degrees.
  • Hydraulic head support and side panels allows for precise positioning for each procedure.
  • Table height adjusts from 12 to 44 inches, for more loading options and increased clinician access.
  • Five-inch lockable casters, stainless steel-plated for durability.
  • One caster features directional locking for stability.
  • Additional features include lateral tilt, remote control and automatic system monitoring — ask your DRE representative for details.

Standard Accessories

  • Eight binding rope locks, plastic
  • Four chromium-plated, self-locking clamps
  • Four velcro binding bands
  • Four stainless steel vertical poles, 67 inches (1700 mm)
  • Two stainless steel horizontal bars, 43.3 inches (1100 mm)
  • One small colon tray, stainless steel
  • Stand for infusion bottles, chromium-plated steel
  • Stand for instruments, stainless steel
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Coiled cable for charger
  • Optional — Large colon tray
  • Optional — Remote control
  • Optional — Extra adjustable padding
  • Ask your DRE representative for a full list of optional accessories



  • Weight: 925.95 lbs (420 kg)
  • Maximum load: 2866 lbs (1300 kg)
  • Maximum height: 44 in (1120 mm)
  • Minimum height: 12.5 in (320 mm)
  • Width (with panels): 41.3 in (1050 mm)
  • Width (without panels): 19.7 in (500 mm)
  • Length: 114.2 in (2900 mm)


  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Cable free electric unit
  • Automatic battery charger: 7A, wall-mounted