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Haico Basic Equine Operating Table

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The Haico Basic Equine Operating Table is the most cost-effective unit of the Haico line, offering your facility precise positioning and customization for equine use up to 2,850 pounds.

Clinicians can easily load and position the animal with the Haico’s adjustable height feature. The table can be lowered down to 12 inches, then raised all the way to 44 inches, allowing the staff to work comfortably. Once the table is at its desired height, the middle panels can be removed for increased access to the operative field. The head and leg support can also be adjusted as necessary.

The Haico Basic is just one unit within the Haico family of equine tables. For more advanced features, see the Haico Practice, the Haico Diagnose 1, the Haico Surgery 2 and the Haico Pro 3.


  • Table height adjusts from 12 to 45 inches, for more loading options and ergonomic comfort.
  • Removable middle panels allow for increased access to the operative field.
  • All elements of the table are fully shielded against dust and water, allowing clinicians to power wash the unit between procedures.
  • Powerful, quality stainless steel construction designed for years of use.
  • Manually adjustable head and leg support for precise positioning during each procedure.
  • Optional — Additional leg supports, rolling or directional brakes, stainless steel positioning poles. Ask your DRE representative for details.


  • Weight: 661.4 pounds (300 kg)
  • Maximum load: 2866 pounds (1300 kg)
  • Maximum height: 43.3 inches (1100 mm)
  • Minimum height: 11 inches (280 mm)
  • Width: 41.3 inches (1050 mm)
  • Length: 110.2 inches (2800 mm)
  • Power: 110V / 230V