Excelsior ESP Syringe Pump - Large Animal

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The Excelsior ESP Syringe Pump is similar in appearance and operation to the Baxter 300XL. Like the 300XL, the ESP features three motor speeds which allow the clinician to set the time of delivery, and accepts most syringe sizes. Using the plug-in adapter, the pump can also infuse solutions from 140 ml syringes which are available from Excelsior or Monoject. With this adapter, the pump can be used on Equine, Bovine, Swine, Zoological and other large animals that need longer infusion time. Although not limited too, this is a perfect pump for a doctor out in a field like setting. The adapter contains electronic components inside the plastic piece which supplement the internal pump motor electronics and allow the larger infusion; an extra-large syringe clamp will accept syringes of 3ml. up to the 140 ml. size. The time of infusion is also longer than the 300XL’s; in the Xslow mode, infusion time can be as long as 150 minutes.


  • Accepts one-handed disposable syringes from 3ml - 140ml; One button to start infusion; All user information is displayed on front of unit
  • No pump programming needed
  • No drip counting, activation, spiking or admixture needed
  • Self calibration is automatic - Continuously monitors speed of motor up to 670 times per second to ensure travel accuracy of 3%
  • 3 speeds provide versatility to extend delivery time by a factor of 2 or 3
  • Visual and Audible Alarms for end of infusion, occlusion, low battery, accuracy and system malfunction; Audible alarm may be turned off during infusion
  • Durable - Proven Reliability: Heavy-duty mechanism withstands extreme usage
  • Membrane keypad is easily cleaned and prevents fluid from entering the pump
  • Small Ergonomic Design: Four C-Cell batters provide up to 400 hours of use
  • UL Classified
  • U.S. Manufactured


  • Rate Parameters: 5.2 - 77.5 ml/hr
  • Time Parameters: 10-150 minutes
  • Syringe Sizes: Monoject, Terumo, BD, or Excelsior, from 3ml - 140ml
  • Occlusion Limits: 9.2 - 45 PSI, depending on syringe
  • Batteries: Four size "C" cells
  • Battery Life: Approximately 400 hours typical
  • Accuracy: 3%