Dorsal/Lateral Cylinder Base Equine Table

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The Dorsal/Lateral Cylinder Base Equine Tableis equipped with 4-way tilt capability. The hydraulic system includes a total of eight hydraulic cylinders that work individuall and in pairs, to provide this versatile 4-way tilt capability. This model can achieve Trendelenburg positioning via hydraulics. The table can be put in a stationary position by extending the four lower cylinders, and lifting the table base frame off the casters. The casters must be removed to achieve the lowest operating height.


  • Self contained power unit with hand control hydraulic valve
  • 4-way tilt capability
  • Ability to easily be placed in a stationary position during surgery procedures by elevation of outside cylinders
  • 46" x 84" lateral surface area (117cm x 213cm)
  • 18" x 84" center bed (46cm x 213cm)
  • Versatile multi-section table top surface
  • Lowered height 22-1/2" (57cm)
  • Raised height 39" (99cm)
  • 6" swivel casters
  • Hot dip galvanized/painted coating on structural frame
  • Rated for 2,500 lbs. (1,134KG)