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Stryker Laparoscopy Tower

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The versatile Stryker Laparoscopy Tower provides visualization and documentation of endoscopy procedures. It also gives you capacity for arthroscopy and other rigid endoscopy procedures.

Available with:

Stryker Endoscopy SDC Pro 2 DVD

With the SDC Pro 2 DVD, you get sophisticated digital documentation that is easy to use and state of the art. The SDC Pro 2 stores PCcompatible, high quality digital images and videos, and integrates seamlessly into the normal operating room work flow. It features a computer-based unit with a touchscreen, an infrared hand-held remote control and a camera button interface.

Stryker Endoscopy 988 3 CHIP Digital Camera

The standard for capturing crystal clear digital video. Features a range digital and analog outputs.

Stryker Endoscopy X-6000 Light Source

The high performance X-6000 integrates with Stryker Endoscopy medical video cameras and dependably illuminates the surgical site across every endoscopic application. Using proper light table and adapters, you can connect it to any rigid or flexible endoscope.