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Olympus Bronchoscope - BF-Q180

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With the latest BF-Q180, images of the bronchial tree are clear and sharp throughout the viewing area, ensuring that the bronchial tree is observed with a degree of precision and colour fidelity that is as natural as if you were viewing it with the naked eye


  • Superior image quality and a large bronchoscopic image redefines examination and treatment in the bronchial tree
  • Compatible with Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) function of CV/CLV-180 for enhancement of submucosal vascularization structures
  • Despite superior image quality and size, this scope features a slim design – measuring 5.1 mm in diameter at the insertion tube and 5.5 mm in diameter at the distal end
  • Standard 2.0 mm diameter channel to accommodate a wide variety of the EndoTherapy accessories