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Olympus Bronchoscope - BF-3C160

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The first videoscope that truly lives up to the term "ultra-slim" is available now: the BF-3C160 videobronchoscope has a remarkably ultra-narrow 3.8mm insertion tube diameter - the slimmest ever used in a videoscope. Thanks to Olympus's advanced CCD miniaturization technology you are able to generate crystal-clear and high-resolution video images without loss of quality.


  • Outer diameter: only 3.8mm
  • Channel diameter of 1.2mm
  • CCD colour chip technology generates brilliant, high resolution video images
  • Shortened rigid section at distal end reduces bending radius
  • Increased insertion tube length of 600mm makes handling easier
  • Compatibility with CV-160 also used for GI endoscopes
  • Simple reprocessing with Olympus standard equipment
  • Standardised accessories can be used with all Olympus scopes