Valleylab Surgistat II Electrosurgical Generator

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For general electrosurgery needs, the Valleylab SurgiStat II generator provides exceptional performance, reliability, and safety benefits in a compact, east to use unit.


  • Easy and quick to set up; compact and light
  • Saves time with automatic access to previously used power settings and modes
  • Provides precise surgical effect with power control dials


  • Performs most common office-based electrosurgical procedures
  • Provides the ability to change power settings while activating the generator
  • Includes both monopolar and bipolar outputs
  • Accepts preferred accessories– standard 3-pin pencil, most standard footswitching devices (with adapter), and standard Valleylab monopolar footswitch (optional) – standard 2-pin bipolar footswitching devices


  • Manufactured to the highest standards of quality in electrosurgical technology
  • Ensures consistent clinical performance over a variety of procedures


  • Increased patient safety with a return electrode contact quality monitoring system (RECQMS). The RECQMS system continually monitors patient impedance levels and deactivates the generator if a fault in the patient/return electrode contact is detected.


Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 14 cm (5.5 in.)
  • Width: 26 cm (10.25 in.)
  • Depth: 25.4 cm (10 in.)
  • Weight: <6.5 kg (<14 lbs)

RF Leakage

  • Bipolar <39 Arms
  • Monopolar <150 Arms

Input Power

  • 110-120 Volts at 60 Hz
  • Per = 86
  • PER (Power Efficiency Rating) is the measure of an electrosurgical generator’s ability to accurately deliver the selected power into a wide range of tissue types.

Controls and Indicators

  • Mode Selection: Separate pushbuttons select modes (cut or Blend: Desiccate, Fulgurate or Bipolar)
  • Power Setting: Dials adjust power in increments of 1 watt.

Audible tones:

  • A continuous tone indicates activation; volume control is on the back panel. A dual tone, which is not adjustable, indicates an alarm condition; for example, compromised patient return electrode contact.


  • Front Panel: RECQMS patient return electrode receptacle (RECQMS system requires a split plate patient return electrode)
  • Receptacle for standard footswitching devices with adapters
  • Receptacle for standard 2-pin bipolar footswitching devices

Rear Panel:

  • Receptacle for standard Valleylab monopolar footswitch