Zeoss 80lt. Gas Sterilizer

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Features and advantages of the ZEOSS 80 Lt. sterilizer:

  • Because there is no compressor, pressurized air, water and drainage needs for ZEOSS brand gas sterilizers, the problems which may be caused by these sources are prevented.
  • The cabin of equipment is always kept under negative pressure. Sterilizers, operated under positive pressure, have gas leakage risk to the user environment. ZEOSS sterilizers don't have such a risk.
  • Ethylene Oxide process is needed for sterilization. The required sterilization assurance is provided by ZEOSS cartridge or ampoule.
  • Minimizing the risks and environmental pollution, caused by ethylene oxide, are assured reducing the amount of consumed gas. While 100-250 gram gas is uses during each circulation in the traditional systems, this percentage, used by ZEOSS, is 11 or 20 gr.
  • ZEOSS sterilizer releases 11 or 20 gram gas into outer environment slowly thanks to gas diffusion technique, while the traditional systems release 100-250 gram gas into the outer environment in 10 seconds after sterilization. Discharging extra gas to the sewer system from the systems, being operated other than diffusion technique, creates gas risk, returning back from lavatories, for the employees. Although it was claimed that the gas is neutralized after having it passed through the water or some other liquids, there is no such application in the World's literature and it is definitely wrong information. The Disposer devices with Catalytic Converter which burns the gas are used in ethylene oxide sterilizers, which are operated other than diffusion technique.
  • ZEOSS sterilizers with solid, durable and quality structure have reduced the failure and service requirement to a minimum level because of assembling the least parts together. The sterilizers, consisted of many large parts and operated other than diffusion technique, often have failure risks due to their awkward structure.
  • Modular system gives the opportunity to add new liner bags without waiting the completion of sterilization cycle. 
  • It is possible to sterilize GKDC catheters up to 210 cm. straightly without folding and deforming thanks to the special long Liner Bags.
  • Transporting and assembling equipment is very easy. No compressor, pressurized air, discharge system, water, vacuum and etc. requirements are needed for assembling. Only a power socket and opening a hole in 5 cm. diameter on wall/glass from where the gas exit pipe may pass are enough. Building the rooms of EtO sterilizer separately, aerating by means of aspirator and placing it on the top floor of buildings are procedures.
  • Equipment and cartridges have international EN ISO 13485 and CE quality certificates.
  • The Cabin of equipment is continuously washed through air flow, 1000 lt / min., during aeration. The percentage of EO circulation is only 1/10 of the limits, required by OSHA.
  • There is no damage possibility of sensitive materials under high vacuum because the gas diffusion systems don't require high vacuum before sterilization.
  • It is possible that the dense steam, used for the humidification in the systems being operated other than diffusion technique, may damage the materials to be sterilized. This issue is solved in ZEOSS sterilizers thanks to the humidity chips.



Weight: 165 LB (75KG)