DRE Square Lab Autoclave

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The DRE Square manual lab autoclave is designed for the sterilization and drying of materials and several instruments. It includes an internal chamber, cover and stainless steel trays and has a manual water supply. The DRE Square has a micro processed controller with 10 cycles totally configurable and protected with password; 9 are designated and 1 is free. It allows the operation temperature adjustable reaches up to 134 degrees C and the time programming of the sterilization and drying. Also features Internal air automatic removal and a wide graphic display, with 72x40 mm view area for the visualization of the process parameters, independent manometer for the pressure reading. Easy to install, hydraulic installation is not required. Capacity of 54 liters.


Manual Autoclave


Weight: 265 LB (120KG)

Door Type: Rectangle

Chamber Width: 12" (305 mm)

Chamber Height: 12" (305 mm)

Chamber Depth: 24" (610 mm)